How To Submit An EOI?

Note: The EOI submission period is now CLOSED.

How to lodge: Deliver 3x hard copies of the proposal to the Harbour Trust offices at Building 28, Best Avenue, Mosman, NSW 2088 and 1x electronic copy on USB or CD.

Email submissions: Not accepted.

While there is no prescribed format for the presentation of submissions, the Harbour Trust will need to clearly understand an applicant’s proposal, how it addresses the Tenant Selection Criteria, how it will be delivered and operated, and the applicant’s experience and financial standing to properly consider the Expression of Interest.

Minimum information required in submissions

1. A completed EOI Cover Sheet accepting the Conditions of Application.

2. An indicative Lease Offer detailing the applicant’s proposed commercial terms including:

  • A proposed lease term including options;
  • Proposed lease and rent commencement dates;
  • An annual GST-exclusive gross rent; and
  • A broad outline and approximate cost estimate of any capital or fitout works proposed by the applicant. Where applicants propose significant modifications, sketch plans should accompany their proposal. (Please note, detailed plans will not be required until the RFP stage of the process).
  • Confirmation of 6 months’ rent + GST (payable as a bank guarantee).

3. Business Plan which includes at least:

  • An explanation of the proposed business including trading name, nature of business or services to be offered from the premises and how they will be undertaken;
  • An outline of the target market and any key existing or proposed clients;
  • A financial plan including proposed fees, operating budget and proposed profit and loss for the proposed initial lease term;
  • An outline of linkages with external facilities or partners where applicable;
  • Details of the applicant’s commercial experience, track record in the business proposed and the credentials of key staff. This should include details of other facilities currently or previously owned or operated by the applicant; and
  • Evidence that the applicant has the financial capacity to lease, develop and operate the proposed business in accordance with the operational requirements and applicable compliance guidelines for the full term of the lease.

4. An Operational Plan which includes at least:

  • Proposed operational hours for each component of the business;
  • An outline of environmental considerations including noise, waste generation, light pollution, chemical use and any proposed mitigation and/or protection measures to be adopted; and
  • An outline of how transport will be managed and anticipated parking requirements specific to the proposed use.

5. A statement of any Key Assumptions or Conditions made in preparing its submission including but not limited to:

  • Any assumptions with regards to the condition of the facilities and/or services;
  • Any regulatory authorities and/or regulatory standards that must be adhered to for the proposed use.

Expressions of Interest (EOI) timetable

The following EOI timetable is indicative only and may be subject to change.

EOI Commencement 31 August 2017
EOI Closure (4pm) 14 November 2017
Clarification of information with applicants (if required) November –  December 2017
Selection of short-listed applicants by Tenant Selection Committee January 2018
Short-listed applicants invited to submit RFP or enter into direct negotiations February 2018

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