Building 11
Retort House

The most significant heritage building of Sub Base Platypus is the Retort House, located on the Waterfront Level. Built in 1886 with a rare type of pre-fabricated iron, this is the only surviving structure from the site’s gasworks era. It was originally used for the conversion of coal to gas, which involved heating coal to a high temperature in chambers called ‘retorts’.

Facing the waterfront adjacent to the newly landscaped park, the Retort House is a single-storey 310m2 building comprising classically-inspired cast iron columns, latticed girders and iron roof trusses.

It is envisaged that the Retort House will be reclad and refurbished to reveal its iron structure.

The clad sides of the building could be opened up providing indoor/outdoor space with views through the building to the park, harbour and cliff-face. There is scope to create a mezzanine level and deck area opening to the park and waterfront.

The Retort House could be adaptively re-used as a restaurant, exhibition or function space, or other visitor-oriented purpose.

The Retort House is a Type B leasing opportunity.

Type B leasing opportunities are present to the market in an unrefurbished format, giving the tenant an opportunity to repair and upgrade the building to suit their requirements, subject to the provisions of the Platypus Management Plan, Harbour Trust Planning Approval, and compliance under the National construction Code (formerly BCA).

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