Building 2
Submarine School

Down on the Waterfront Level, Building 2 was originally constructed in the early 1940s to house torpedo assembly facilities and equipment to support the Torpedo Factory. When converted as part of the commissioning of HMAS Platypus in 1967, it was extended and the upper level was reclad. In 1981 it became a school for Navy candidates training to specialise as submariners.

The Submarine School spans two levels and approximately 2,500m2 of lettable floor space. Load-bearing cavity brick walls support a suspended concrete slab at first floor level.

Externally, the lower level is brickwork and the first floor is clad in profiled metal sheeting. The roof is divided into steel sawtooth roof trusses to the north, and a concrete slab flat roof to the south.

The northern and central sections of the Submarine School could suit uses such as corporate offices or training and education facilities, while the southern end could suit uses such as sport and fitness or rehearsal studios.

The Submarine School is a Type A leasing opportunity.

Type A leasing opportunities provide tenants with a serviced shell, ready for tenant fitout and occupation, subject to Harbour Trust Planning Approval.

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