Building 13
Exhauster House

The Exhauster House was built in 1906 to contain the exhauster engines which regulated the pressure of gas exiting the retorts and entering the purifying system. In 1942 it was converted to a Compressor House, to generate compressed air for torpedo maintenance and repair.

This single-storey square brick building has a flat concrete roof, a central doorway, and three narrow sash windows on either side, with prominent white concrete lintels and sills.

With its unique mid-cliff location in a purpose-built niche, the Exhauster House represents a one-of-a-kind tenancy opportunity.

The Exhauster House is a Type B leasing opportunity.

Type B leasing opportunities are presented to the market in an unrefurbished format, giving the tenant an opportunity to repair and upgrade the building to suit their requirements, subject to the provisions of the Platypus Management Plan, Harbour Trust Planning Approval, and compliance under the National Construction Code (formerly BCA).

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